Charleston Academy has worked with Live-N-Learn since 2011. Live-N-Learn are a Scottish based provider of  courses for our senior pupils in S4, S5 and S6. These day long workshops deliver the strong message that if you want to succeed in life, you need to take personal responsibility, and make things happen yourself.

Live-N-Learn inspire our students to believe that their intelligence, talents, and personality are not fixed traits that cannot be changed, but are part of our qualities and skills that can be developed through hard graft, effort and practice.

Courses focus on resilience, changing attitudes and moving to a growth mindset from a traditional fixed mindset. Live-N-Learn deliver a very powerful and clear message through their motivational workshops – everyone has the potential to improve. But they also emphasise that for that improvement to occur students must acknowledge the hard work, passion and determination required to do so and how to approach set-backs with resilience.

Pupils are encouraged to thing about their study habits, their motivation, and how important their education actually is to them.

Our pupils who have experienced the Live-N-Learn workshops praise it as one of the best programmes they have attended. For maximum impact we hold our workshops at Charleston Academy at the very start of the academic session.

Our Live-N-Learn workshops fin 2015-16 will be for all students in S4. Workshops take place on Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th October 2015. Live N Learn are also delivering workshops for staff at the same time.

Courses delivered may include Step-Up (Senior Induction), Mindset for Exams (Study Support) and Peer 2 Peer (Mentoring).

Find out more about Live-N-Learn and the Courses we work in partnership to deliver to Charleston Academy pupils.

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