Listen Well

Listen Well Scotland is a charity with a vision of active listening as the basis of healthy personal and community relationships and a fundamental component of good compassionate healthcare. Listening is a skill that can be learned and LWS’ mission is to develop people who will encourage a culture of listening.

Listening, really listening, means much more than just the mechanics of hearing words and noting information. It’s about caring for and valuing the other person, giving them the space to say what they have to say and responding in such a manner that signifies to them that they have been heard. It’s about not making assumptions or judgements. It’s about an empathy that empowers people to make decisions for themselves.

Good listening recognises the need for us all to be:

  • understood
  • valued and respected as a human being
  • able to express feelings honestly without judgement
  • able to trust
  • able to discover meaning, hope and purpose in life

Our partnership with Listen Well Scotland, was launched in October 2015, and involves 24 S6 students trained as active listeners. This group of S6 students have called their group “Listening-Time-4U” and will offer their active listening skills to younger age groups as part of our wider ambitions for pastoral support and extended pupil support.

Please see the information leaflet below for more details.

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