asdan_header_logoASDAN is a UK wide curriculum development charity and awarding body, offering courses and qualifications that grow skills for learning, skills for development and skills for life.

ASDAN provide a diverse range of courses or programmes. Their Personal Development Programmes record and certify young people’s personal achievements for which pupils must carry out challenges of between 60 and 180 hours.

ASDAN Short Courses take 60 hours and are available in subject areas like Personal Finance and Volunteering. Key Steps courses cover PSE, Enterprise and Internationalism.

For pupils with Special Educational Needs, ASDAN offer Preparatory Programmes on Transitions, Independence, Workright, and Literacy / Numeracy in every day life.

At Charleston Academy pupils are entered for ASDAN courses by our Support for Learning Department. Courses are coordinated by Mr Richard Smith. Depute Rector Miss Rona Macpherson oversees other aspects of ASDAN development in the school.