• Mrs Helen Philip – School Librarian
  • Mrs Susan Fraser – Assistant Librarian
  • Mrs Fiona Scott – Assistant Librarian

The best learning takes place when pupils discover and use knowledge for themselves. So we are very fortunate at Charleston Academy to have a large and well-resourced library that is available to all pupils and staff. Our Library resources provide a broad range of support to subject departments that includes books, audio-visual media, and ICT access.


Our Librarians provide an essential role in developing information and study skills across the curriculum, as well as helping pupils develop the skills of accessing and processing information and acquiring effective learning strategies. Key nowadays is the increasingly important skill of filtering out unreliable and untrustworthy information online, and knowing where to find suitable material to support subject specific research.

Our Library staff, together with Miss Lorna Henderson (Support for Learning) are key to the delivery of out Speeder Readers reading recovery programme. Watch the video to hear the views of staff and some of the pupils participating just now on the value of the programme in enhancing literacy skills to allow all pupils easier access to our full curriculum.